Exhibition of Non-Governmental Security Structures

Today, all issues of the security of the state and theperson are entrusted to the law enforcement and other government security forces. But with the continued tension in the area of crime, the growingthreats from international terrorism, illegal circulation of weapons and drugsthese issues more and more closely interact with non-government securitystructures (NGSS). In such a metropolis like Moscow, the extensive involvementof public, veteran and other organizations will greatly contribute to thetimely identification and neutralization of potential threats. However,unresolved issues of legal regulation of their activities, confusion in theline of authority, inadequate financing and technical equipment, along withother factors impede a full realization of the capabilities of NGSS in thefield of security.

We believe that quite extensive Exhibition Program of Forum of Non-Governmental Security Structures will greatly contribute to achievementof the desired goals. Within the framework of the exhibition there will bedisplayed the existing and future means of technical audio and video surveillance,burglar and fire alarm systems, engineering-technical protection and accesscontrol, the detection of objects and substances of limited circulation, aswell as technical means of monitoring and navigation of mobile and stationaryobjects.